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About Us


Hello! My name is Christine Albury and this is my husband James and our five children, who range from 14 years
of age all the way down to little Joe, who was born on New Year’s Day, 2009.
UsOur children

I’ve always loved to cook (and eat!), so when our first daughter came along in 1994 I quickly decided that I wanted
her to share the same appreciation for delicious, healthy food that’s so important to us.

I began making my own baby food as soon as she started solids, which was actually considered a bit unusual back then!

But, gradually, my skeptical Mum friends began asking me what I used in my baby food recipes and
giving my ideas a try. And
it was wonderful to hear that they were really enjoying making the food, their babies were enjoying eating it… and
it didn’t take nearly as much time as they feared!

Plus, of course, it worked out a lot cheaper than buying jars!


Our big move!

At that time, our family lived in England. We went on to have three more children (all raised on yummy homemade
baby food, of course!) – but, just after the birth of our fourth child in 2004, we made a life changing decision.

We sold up, packed our bags… and moved to my husband’s country –
the Bahamas (…and he thought I married him for his good looks!)

Once we’d settled in, I decided to make another change and do something I’d been wanting to do for ages… make
a compilation of all my recipes for baby food and the knowledge I’d gained in feeding our little ones.

And that’s how – In September 2005 – the Homemade Baby Food Recipes website was born.


The trials and tribulations of feeding a baby

Putting this site together has not just been a wonderful way to share our recipes – it’s also been a great way
to share lots of other things we’ve learned throughout the years, too!

We’ve had to deal with our fair share of upset tummies, refusals to eat, messy mealtimes etc etc –
so our site contains lots
of information and resources to help you overcome those difficulties!

We’ve also had to deal with rather awkward situations, like not always agreeing with advice from the professionals (we’ve actually
had advice from doctors
to start solds as early as 3 1/2 months!), so we’ve done our best to present information about topics such as
the most appropriate foods for baby, the need for iron/vitamin supplementation etc from both perspectives.

Making the move from one country to another has been very helpful in gaining a better understanding of how
feeding practices and recommendations may differ. Infant nutrition advice in the UK is a little different to that given in the Bahamas, where recommendations more or less mirror
those of the United States and follow guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We’ve also received masses of correspondence from visitors all over the world since our site was established,
giving us a valuable insight into infant feeding practices in other cultures.

Building this website has been very rewarding and it’s been wonderful getting to know other Mums from across the
globe. I’ve also been invited to write for other sites worldwide, including Canadian Parents, BabyWorld (in the UK)
and Real Savvy Moms in the US – plus I’ve written many guest articles for other blogs and websites.

I really hope this site inspires parents everywhere to give making their own baby food a try. Our children have
truly thrived on it and are growing up to be very adventurous in their food choices. Of course, they have a
weakness for goodies like ice cream and candy just like other kids – but they have a great respect for healthy foods –
and what’s more, they enjoy them!


How to contact Christine

If you have any questions or comments about our site – or even if you’d just like to say hello – you can contact
me using the form on this page

I’d love to share our e-mail address with you here, but sadly there are too many spammers just waiting to send us their
ads – and we want to be sure that YOUR messages are read!

We look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest wishes to your family from ours,



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