Arya’s Progress with Baby Food

Arya’s Progress with Baby Food

Joli Shrestha
(Lalitpur, Bagmati, Nepal)

Arya's progress with baby food


Our cute little boy Arya is now 14 months old. He has had noisy breathing since his birth, which worries us a lot.But the doctors said that is not a disease, he is absolutely normal and we need not worry about it.

He is our first baby, so we faced lots of difficulties in his feeding and caring process. But he is perfectly alright now!

He eats pudding (made from rice or white oats), egg yolk, meats (chicken, buff) biscuits, green and yellow vegetables, cereals, cheese, bread and a homemade recipe, Lito. He is fond of Khichadi (prepared by me) and is also fond of eating banana, grapes, papaya, apple and sweet potatoes.

He also enjoys drinking water by himself.

He is starting to feed himself with a spoon and chews meats and fruits with his little teeth independently. Instead of eating all types of foods, he comes to me waving his little hands for breastmilk – which puts tears of glad and great satisfaction in
my eyes .

He is healthy but not a very ‘fatty’ boy. He started to walk when he was 9 months old. He enjoys walking when we are out and about and likes to dance when the music turns on!

He likes to watch fishes in the aquarium when they are eating and displays great curiosity. He loves animals, especially birds.

He is a precious gift from God for us. His arrival in our life brings glorious light and our happiness increases day by day as he grows.

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