The First Years Breastflow Technology Bottles

The First Years Breastflow Technology Bottles

by Hannah Nipps
(Cleveland, TN)

With the numerous varieties of bottles on the market it can be extremely confusing and time consuming trying to figure out which brand and type of bottle to get.

I spent countless hours on the internet reading and looking at reviews of so many bottles I lost count.

Then I stumbled upon the Breastflow Technology bottles by The First Years. I planned on breastfeeding but wanted to be able to let my husband and others help in feeding my daughter occasionally (as well as be able to take a break every once in a while!!) but didn’t want to get a bottle that would interfere with her nursing.

The Breastflow bottles are very different from all others, and in my opinion extremely superior as well. They have a two nipple system that mimics breastfeeding so that the baby has to not only suck, but compress the nipples to get the milk. Other bottles require a lot less effort and I have seen several of my friends babies end up refusing the breast in favor of the “easier” bottle.

When my daughter was born, she ended up with a neck strain and it hurt her to nurse. At first we used a syringe to get her to eat but feedings were taking so long that way. We got the Breastflow Technology bottles and they were an instant success. She was able to eat without crying and was able to get enough milk in each feeding that she wasn’t constantly hungry and frustrated.

After several days of switching between the breast and bottle, her nursing actually improved and as her neck healed she was able to transition easily back to the breast full time.

I have recommended these bottles to all my friends, and several strangers too, and would recommend them above all the others. I was a nanny for several years and have used many different types of bottles with the babies I took care of. None have even come close to the Breastflow Technology bottles!!

For any mother who wants to maintain breastfeeding while still having the flexibility of letting others help out, these bottles are a must have!!


The First Years Breastflow Starter Set (US)

Breastflow 5 oz BPA-Free Bottle (3-Pack) (UK)

Comments for The First Years Breastflow Technology Bottles

Aug 09, 2014

Instant success NEW
by: Anonymous

I breastfed my daughter solely until she was 3 months old. As

I was scheduled to return to work I tried her with the Avent bottles her sister used. No success. I researched the Internet for a bottle that worked like the breast and ordered the First Years breastflow bottle. She took the bottle on the first or second try after refusing others. I was able to both breast feed her and use the bottle simultaneously until she decided she’d had enough of the breast lol and that was about 7 months later. I’ve got a baby again and I’ve ordered First years again. She hasn’t taken it the same consistent way but she has used it very efficiently when she did. I recommended it to my friends and I’ll keep doing it as this bottle is superb. I also like that the cover fits on the bottle end so you don’t lose it and that there’s a separate flat cover if you’re storing the milk in a freezer. Love it!

Mar 20, 2012

Love it.NEW
by: Veronika

This is the only bottle our daughter will take now, and the only one that wasn’t a struggle. The short, wide bottle is also easy to clean.

May 11, 2010

didnt like
by: amanda

me and my husband did not like these bottles. the outside nipple would collaps several times during a feeding. we would have to pull the nipple out of our sons mouth several times he liked the soothie and vent air bottles better.

Sep 02, 2009

by: Proud Nannan

These bottles were a god send to my daughter when she was trying to wean her little one, (he so loved his breasticals). We thought she would not be able to put him on to a bottle but I saw these on the net and immediately sent for a pack. Oh how my daughter was relieved that she could have help to care for him. He is such a complete joy and delight to be around – they both deserve the best and I say that is The First Years Breastflow Technology Bottles, which are very near to mother nature.

Kind regards
Doting Mum and now Nannan.

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