The Homemade Baby Food Recipes Ebook

Your Complete Guide to Introducing Solids to Baby

Tips, Step by Step Instructions, Recipes and More!

Discover the secrets to tempting tiny taste buds and establishing a lifetime of healthy eating.

There are few things as rewarding as preparing healthy foods for your baby, then watching him not only enjoy these foods, but THRIVE on them.

In this book, which brings together the extensive information and recipe ideas provided on my website, I teach you how to establish the basis of a lifetime of healthy eating for YOUR child.

You will learn the techniques, tips and recipes for successfully – and safely – introducing your baby to solid foods.


  • How to introduce solids to your baby
  • How to prevent and deal with baby food problems
  • Our tips for stress-free travel with baby
  • Hundreds of recipes!


I am a new mum and was having a hard time, sorting out my little ones weaning food. She is already 9 months old. I didn’t know how to make her meals different, healthy and tasty for her. I found this a huge huge help and support. Thank you very much.”

Monika, London, United Kingdom

Discover The Many Benefits of
Making Your Own Baby Food!

Brought to you by Christine Albury, owner of

Hello, I’m Christine Albury – a mother of five and the author of the Homemade Baby Food Recipes website.

When my first child (Laura) began showing an interest in solid foods, I did what many of us new parents do.

I read the little “baby feeding” booklets given to me by our local clinic – and I used some of the jars of food so “kindly” provided as a free gift by the baby food manufacturers.

I quickly realized two things.

Babies are individuals – little human beings with strong opinions and preferences, likes and dislikes. They simply don’t “go by the book” when it comes to getting to grips with solid foods!

Jarred baby food is – on the whole – bland and unappetizing! If you haven’t tried it, then I encourage you to do so! It may lead you to wondering – as it did me – why your baby would find it any more enjoyable than you!

So I began making my OWN baby food – nutritious dishes which were FULL OF FLAVOUR and, one by one (I now have FIVE), my babies thrived on them!

Did you know that…

Making Your Own Baby Food
is Cost Effective!

You will SAVE money:
You can easily prepare several days worth of homemade food for the equivalent cost of just ONE shop-bought jar of baby food. Many parents believe that commercially prepared baby food is better for their babies in some way – yet this is simply not the case. What could be better for your baby than freshly prepared meals, tailor-made to suit his preferences and dietary needs?

You can AVOID fussy feeding:

Homemade baby food helps your little one develop a sophisticated palate
From infancy to the present day (my first baby, Laura, is now 17!), my children have NEVER BEEN FUSSY EATERS! By including a wide range of ingredients in their meals from the outset, they have always been willing to experiment with new foods. As you’ll see in “Tempting Tiny Taste Buds”, many of my recipes call for aromatic spices and herbs, or place foods in unorthodox combinations for amazingly tasty results!

YOU are the best person to select and cook the foods most suitable for your baby:

You will learn to PREVENT feeding problems and deal with digestive issues
Common feeding problems like constipation, gas and gagging on lumpy foods can be avoided altogether when you know which foods to avoid – and which will help! You’ll learn which foods to withhold in certain situations and how to smoothly transition your baby to lumpier textures.

When you purchase “Tempting Tiny Taste Buds”, this information will be on your hard drive WITHIN MINUTES, enabling you to browse the recipes on your computer at your leisure, or to print out pages to create a more traditional “book”. For your convenience, all the recipes are grouped together in the final section of “Tempting Tiny Taste Buds”.

This ebook is available internationally – so, wherever you are in the world, you can be creating delicious meals for your baby in no time at all!
And a BIG advantage of the ebook format of “Tempting Tiny Taste Buds” is that there are absolutely NO SHIPPING OR PACKAGING FEES!

Inside this e-Book you’ll discover…

  • How to introduce solids to your baby for the first time
  • How to transition your older baby on to more sophisticated foods
  • How to safely prepare homemade baby food
  • How to care for your baby’s teeth once solids are introduced
  • Which foods are more likely than others to trigger allergic reactions
  • Hundreds of tasty recipes using natural ingredients

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Tempting Tiny Taste Buds is packed with tried and tested tips, advice and recipes – the result of years of experience in providing healthy nutrition for my children and the children of those around me.

And the good news is that you can access this well organized and detailed book for only $17 approximately the same price you’d pay for a couple of weeks worth of uninspiring jarred baby food!

After reading this book and putting all the tips and ideas into practice, you’ll be creating wholesome dishes for your baby at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared baby food.

You will soon have recovered the cost of the book – AND you will have given your child the healthiest possible start…

and that’s priceless!

Download this ebookyou’ll be on your way to becominghead chef for a very special little customerwithin minutes….


Thank you so much for your wonderful menu and great personalized advice. We very much appreciate your time and help – as first time parents with no previous real baby contact, it’s all a bit daunting at times! We just want to do the best we can for our little girl.

I will be recommending your site and book download to a number of friends who are just about to have babies – also first time parents.

Many thanks again.

Victoria ~ California, United States

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baby food recipes ebook guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you don’t agree that “Tempting Tiny Taste Buds” is an enormously helpful resource to any parent introducing solid foods to their baby, then please contact me within 60 days of your date of purchase and I will immediately issue you with a 100% refund.

That’s one month for you to browse all the articles, advice, guides and recipes contained within the book – and if you’re not totally satisfied with this comprehensive baby food guide, then just request (and receive) a 100% refund immediately.

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But Wait! That’s not all!

You get a free printable baby food chart AND a printable baby food diary with each ebook purchased!

The ‘at-a-glance’ chart shows you the best foods for your baby at each stage, and the diary helps you keep track of all new foods you’ve introduced to your little one.

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