Chinese Baby Food

Chinese Baby Food

by Karen
(Surrey, UK)

Rice is the staple diet in the south of China. So naturally, we feed our babies with rice porridge (or congee).

Put some rice and water in the rice cooker. Press a button. Come back later and wow la… it’s ready! Blend in some steamed veggie/fish/meat or simply cook them with the porridge together.

There you are. Breakfast for me and a meal for my baby. Easy cooking, the good old fashion way.

Thanks so much for sharing. We published a post all about congee on our blog, after we were contacted by mommy Natalie, an Australian expat living with her Chinese husband and family in Beijing. We love to learn how baby food is made around the world, and from all the feedback we received about our ‘congee’ post, so do other mommies!

You can read the post here

Chinese baby food

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