First foods introduced to baby

Starting with Bananas

by Pam Frasch

When my daughter was teething (around 5 months) we gave her a frozen banana in a mesh feeder bag. She loved it and it helped to relieve the teething pain!

More banana baby food ideas

Sofia eats at 4 months

by Sonia Andrea Fricano
(Alpharetta, Georgia)

With pediatrician approval, Sofia began eating solids at 4 months.

Rice cereal first then after 2 weeks I began to add squash with the rice cereal then gradually stopped rice cereal. She just didnt like it plus it’s just not healthy.

So we have had apples and pears and bananas. Squash, broccoli, peas, and now spinach. She is doing great and I love making her food. I am happy to see my healthy 6 month old enjoying food made from scratch with love from me.

Cereal for Baby

by Gelly Dozado

I have a 6 months baby. I gave cereal to him because it’s easy to digest and didn’t stick to his throat. And I don’t have to worry because it’s soft and gentle to swallow.

Some of my relatives have experience with babies and give cereal first because it’s a food for the beginner, so I follow that tradition.

I think it’s good for the baby because he didn’t have hard poop and it didn’t cause constipation.

After cereal we are going to teach him to eat some harder foods….

Yummy Avocado!

by Christy
(San Diego, CA)

On our pediatrician’s advice, we gave our five-month-old rice cereal. We each took a taste before giving it to her, and it is the most bland thing ever! Maybe that’s why she refused it the next few times we offered it?

We then tried avocado, both mashed and in a Teether Feeder, which she seemed to like. We will try banana or pear next. I can’t see us going back to rice cereal alone, unless it’s mixed with another food.

Homemade Rice Cereal

by Ashley

My son just turned six months and we have began giving him homemade rice cereal. After a week of him eating the homemade rice cereal, we returned home from an evening out one hour past our son’s bedtime. Out of convenience and time conatraints, I gave him the Heinz rice cereal. I tried it to ensure it was not too hot and was amazed by the taste… it was TERRIBLE. It tasted so sweet and not like rice at all.

After that experience, we have not given our son any of the premade cereal again.

I prefer the homemade option for the taste (it actually tastes like rice) and the homemade version does not have any additives… except breastmilk.

The rice was a good starter for us as it is bland in taste and was a good bridge to him eating other solids. He was able to get used to swallowing and eating with a spoon.

Avocado as a first baby food

by Irene

It´s the BEST food for babies. It´s full of nutrients and convenient. You can serve it in it´s own serving dish (the skin) and mash it there. My baby was intolerant to almost everything I gave him but avocado.

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