Banana and Blueberry Cake for Baby’s First Birthday

Banana and Blueberry Cake for Baby’s First Birthday

by Cecilia
(London, UK)

I made this cake for my baby girl’s first birthday and it was delicious! She liked it too but as usual she was more interested in playing than eating – in the photo she’s got hold of the container with silver pearls that I used to decorate the cake and is shaking it like a rattle ;).

I also did a trial run beforehand using only 1/4 of the ingredients and poured it into muffin-sized ramekins (I didn’t have a muffin tin) and that worked really well too (cooked in approx 195 degrees Celsius for 15 mins).

Thank you Christine and Homemade Baby Foods for publishing such great recipes for us mums who want to ensure we feed our babies healthy foods even when it comes to birthday cakes :)!

Note from editor: You’re very welcome Cecilia – and thank YOU for sharing this photograph! We’re glad Evie enjoyed her cake and we hope she had a lovely first birthday 🙂

Here’s the recipe for the Banana and Blueberry Cake