The Homemade Baby Food Recipes Collection

A Mouthwatering MenuFor Your Tiny Diner

Homemade baby food ebook

Hello. My name is Christine Albury. I’m a mother of four and the founder of the
Homemade Baby Food Recipes website.

My latest ebook – the Homemade Baby Food Recipes Collection – brings you a collection of delicious, nutritious and creative
recipes for your baby’s meals.

This handy little ebook has been compiled from readers’ favorite recipes on the
Homemade Baby Food Recipes blog.

Using this book, it’s now easy to browse these recipes offline – or even print them out
for use in the kitchen or the grocery store!


Here’s a little taste of the recipesyour baby could soon be enjoying…

  • Plantain and sweet potato soup
  • Baby’s fruit compote
  • Parsnip and parsnip puree
  • Peach and brown rice breakfast
  • Turkey goulash
  • Veggie risotto
  • Cheesy sausages

… and lots more!

The recipes in this book are grouped according to age – and a handy recipe index
allows you to locate the one you need with just a single click!


You’ll also receive thisvaluable bonuswhen you order the Homemade Baby Food Recipes Collection:

Show Kids The Fun

With every order of the Homemade Baby Food Recipes Collection,
you will receive a FREE copy of Show Kids The Fun

Over 40 pages of ideas to help entertain kids of all ages,
with tips for everything from pretend play to making bubbles!

Get immediate accessto thiswonderful baby food recipes collection. . . for just $4.99

Homemade baby food ebook

You can access this creative recipe collection for just $4.99

and you’ll be saving MUCH more
by making your baby’s food at home, instead of relying on commercially prepared meals!.

What’s more, you’ll have the satisfaction that making your own baby food brings – and the
pleasure of watching your little one enjoy your creations.

After all, no one cooks like Mom!

Order your ebook
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for cooking for your tiny diner
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Our guarantee:  If you don’t agree that the Homemade Baby Food
Recipes Collection is a useful resource for parents wishing to create their own yummy baby food, then
please feel free to contact me
within 28 days of purchasing the book. I will issue you with a 100% refund .

That’s one month for you to browse all the articles, advice, guides and recipes contained within the book – and if you’re not totally satisfied with this comprehensive baby food guide, then just request (and receive) a 100% refund immediately.


Get ready to cook up a storm for your baby with the
Homemade Baby Food Recipes Collection. . .

for just $4.99

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