Starting my breastfed baby on solids at 6 months

Starting my breastfed baby on solids at 6 months

by S. Pope

This is the third time around for me. When I started my first baby on solids (cereal) at 4.5 mths. it was probably due to pressure, and at the time “exclusively breastfed until 6 mnths.” wasn’t the norm.

The second time around I think my little guy was approx. 6 mnths., and now with my third I’ve started at 6 mnths. I do believe that part of it was probably due to feeling “pressured”. As much as I’d like to say that I’m an independent thinker, and can be quite stubborn when it comes to something I believe in, I have to admit that part of the reason I started could’ve been me second-guessing myself. Not that my little guy hasn’t seemed ready – quite the opposite. He gets totally excited when he sees his food coming! I just question whether or not the need to start him right at 6 months. He’s a big boy, and was doing quite fine having been exclusively breastfed.

I happened upon this site while doing a search on home-made baby foods. I’ve prepared my own from the start with my first, but am keen on experimenting a bit more this time around. I don’t want my little guy’s palate limited to what I’d typically source out.

Kudos to all those moms that are able to stick to their guns and go with what feels most comfortable to them!

Guidelines for Introducing Solids to Your Breastfed Baby.