Kristian’s Lumpy Food Crisis

Kristian’s Lumpy Food Crisis

by Angela Ciappara
(Keilor Downs, Victoria, Australia)

My boy!!

My boy!!

Happy New Year to all!!!
My beautiful boy Kristian William who is 15 months still does not want lumpy food mixed with the mashed food. He likes finger food if he feeds it himself, but spits out any spoonful that have lumpy bits, even if small. I was wondering if i was alone here or if this is normal for toddlers?????

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Jan 14, 2008

Wait and see
by: Rhonda

I can identify with you, my son James was like this too, but he grew out of it eventually (nearly 20 months). As long as he’ll feed himself finger foods then it doesn’t sound like it’s a serious problem and you can just offer him everything in finger food form (soft, cooked vegetables etc). Good luck

Jan 04, 2008

Going through similar situation…
by: Anonymous

I am going through similar situation.. I guess.
My son is 17 months old and I still have to mash the food up with a blender for him. He doesn’t eat if i do not mash the food. I cook rice with vegetables in pressure cooker and then mash it with a blender.
To get him used to regular food i.e with out mashing I am not pureeing the food but just mashing it up with blender but kids of his age are supposed to eat food naturally i.e with out mashing.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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