mi-Pump Double Breast Pump by First Years

mi-Pump Double Breast Pump by First Years

by Amy Braman
(Brevard, North Carolina, US)

I use my mi-Pump Double Breast Pump by First Years twice a day. This is a great little breast pump. I especially like the fact that it can become portable by inserting 4 AAA batteries. I once found myself in a situation where I had to use my pump in the car and I was certainly glad for the battery operated option. The battery power provided just as strong of suction as when the pump is plugged to an electrical outlet. When it is plugged into an outlet, it has a sufficiently long cord making it easy to sit where you’d like.

The palm sized pump has an adjustable 8-speed motor which is nice because you can start pumping gently and build up to more powerful suction as your milk begins to flow.

The handle design is really cool because it has a little adjustable arm on each side which allows you to position the breast shields according to your body shape for a perfect fit.

I like the fact that the Breastflow bottles attach directly onto the breast shields so there are no extra containers to wash.

The tote bag that came with the pump was a nice inclusion but it neither wide nor tall enough to accommodate the handle so it is not as ‘discreet for travel’ as advertised.

I have not compared the sound of the mi-Pump to other breast pumps. Although it is quiet, anyone near you will certainly hear the pump cycling on and off and I must disagree with the First Years statement ‘only you will know you’re pumping’.

I have owned my mi-Pump for almost 4 months now and have used it nearly 250 times and it shows no signs of wear or weakening. If however, my mi-Pump were to go out tomorrow, it is affordable enough to replace and I would buy one again without hesitation.

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