Alex is on the charts!

Alex is on the charts!

by Debbie
(Salisbury, Md Usa)

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January 9, 2008

Alex had a weigh-in today and did excellent! He weighed 6600 kilograms which is 14 lb 8 oz. That puts our micro preemie in the 10 percentile in the growth charts with other children his age when you figure in his adjusted age. I can’t believe that he gained one pound 5 ounces since December 12th. Its amazing and too good to be true. This just shows that all the fresh fruits and veggies are paying off. He normally gains one pound a month. This is quite a bonus.

This past month we have introduced in addition to all other his other foods, yogurt, pumpkin, apricots & peaches. In each meal that I serve him, I either mix in yogurt or whole grain brown rice into his veggies or fruit. This way I figure he gets a nutritional boost that he needs. I also think that the yogurt is helping his digestion out. His gas has cut back quite a bit. He is so much more pleasant these days.

Soon Alex will be eight months old. I am going to introduce broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, cottage cheese, cantaloupe, blueberries, mango or papaya. Can you tell how excited I am to start introducing again. I am steering away from pureeing meats though. The thought of it reminds me of dog food. Not appetizing. I will wait till he can do finger foods. I will make sure he gets his protein from other sources till then. Till his next weigh-in…..

Comments for Alex is on the charts!

Great news
by: Sweetpea

Yay! I came across your story a few
weeks ago and have just checked back.
I’m so happy to read your news, Alex is a
star and his progress is amazing. It’s
inspirational for other Moms in the same
situation to read about how well he’s

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