Annabelles eating habits – UK

Annabelles eating habits – UK

by Laura Snijder
(Telford, Shropshire, UK)

This was on her 1st birthday

This was on her 1st birthday

Annabelle was born on November 17th 2006. She is generally a happy baby, but has her moments. She is funny most of the time, with the things she does.

When Annabelle was born she kept being sick after her bottles. I started her solids at around 8 weeks old with the paediatricians say so. She then, after about 3 months, started being sick after her solids as well :(.

She now doesn’t eat very well.

I am having trouble with feeding now she is 16 months old.

For breakfast she will only eat rusks in a liquid form with a few small lumps, for dinner either a chocolate spread sandwich, sausage roll or nothing. Depends whether she’s in an eating mood or not. For tea she will only have smash granules with spaghetti mixed in.

I’m trying to expand her fussy eating, but nothing’s working.

She used to eat anything – even curries. If I was having one she would have a couple of mouthfuls but not anymore.

She sometimes feeds herself a little bit which is a really cute thing.

She’s hooked on juice – she has approximately 10 bottles a day which I am doing well on cutting down. About a month ago she was on about 15 bottles a day.

Annabelle is still on 3 bottles of milk a day.

Comments for Annabelles eating habits – UK

cute annabelle
by: Nicole, Kent UK

Its difficult to believe that Annabelle
doesnt eat much as her cheeks are so
chubby. Its very good that she takes her 3
bottles of milk as my guess is that’s
where she gets the bulk of her nutrients.
You can try adding some baby rice or
cereal to her milk to thicken it. That way,
you can be rest assured that she’s taking

additional nutrients.

The juice may be causing the problem
by: Christine (Editor)

Laura – Annabelle is beautiful and I’m sorry to hear about the problems she’s experiencing.

Her intake of juice is extremely high – to the point where her tummy is so full of juice that there simply isn’t room for solid food. Unfortunately, juice provides ’empty calories’ – so it may be filling, but offers her no real nutrition.

It would be a very good idea to restrict her juice a great deal further – you would likely see a big increase in her appetite when she is consuming less juice.

I’m also wondering if her ‘addiction’ to juice is inspired by real thirst – or if she just likes having her cup/bottle out of habit. If Annabelle seems excessively thirsty, it would be a good idea to talk to a paediatrician to rule out any underlying problem.

I hope that things improve for you and Annabelle – please let us know how she gets on.


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