Ashwini from Mumbai, India.

Ashwini from Mumbai, India.

by Ashwini
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Meet my sweet little angel who is 7 months old.

I have started giving him Dal & Rice (We call it Khimti, which is a mixture of Dal, Rice, cashew, ghee and almond). He loves to eat his meal with sugar. He is not crazy for his food… but crazy for some TV serial title songs!

Whenever his stomach is full he plays and talks in his own language and claps his hands. He loves to talk very much with me, his granny and aunty (my sister).

He loves babys songs – every now and then I sing for him. He loves it if you take the camera in front of him and click the photos. But if you take a mobile camera and click the photo he is not so happy! He loves to watch lights when you take him on an outing and the moving vehicles and toys.

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