Baby Food In Korea

Baby Food In Korea

by Erica

My son Ian is 5 month old now. Born Oct. 11. He was born 7lb, now he is 18lb.

He started his solids about 2 weeks ago.

First I feed him rice cereal for 7 days. He seemed not to like it after several spoons.

But since we mainly eat rice, he should get used to the flavor of it.

Then I gave him zucchini rice cereal and cabbage rice cereal.

So far he is only eating half portion (about 30cc) of what I made but eats better then before.

He shows no allergy reaction towards these two veggies.

I will introduce him more veggies then some fruits such as apple,pear,avocado.

He will start meat when he is 6 months old. (ped told me babies get lack of iron from 6 months.)

I have posted my babyfood recipe (with pictures) on my blog, its all homemade.

We Korean mothers feed our baby mostly rice cereal with veggies, fruit and meat mixed in.

Puree is for snacks or special meals.

I want to share Asian style recipe and also learn some other ways to cook babyfood from this site.

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