Baby Zoe loves to eat

Baby Zoe loves to eat

by Karen
(Calgary, Alberta)

Hello.My little one is 6 months now. She weighed only 5.4 at birth so was supplemented with formula right away. Luckily she didnt mind both breast feeding and formula, which we are still doing. I breast feed her in the mornings and before bed, sometimes to get her ready for her afternoon nap.

I gave her solids at 5. 5 months. She started on squash, and she giggles with delight when she eats it. So far she has eaten peas, peaches, squash and today will try avocado. I want to give meat a shot, but am concerned it may be to early. She is now 6m 2 weeks. Please can you advise me on any good meat/poultry dishes.

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Aug 09, 2010

Starting meat
by: Christine (editor)

Hi Karen

We have two links I think you’ll find useful…
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You should find the answers to any questions you may have, plus some recipes and ideas 🙂