Bryleigh’s Baby Food Blog

Bryleigh’s Breastfeeding and Baby Food Bonanza

By Rebekah
Redlands, CA USA

Bryleigh on a visit to Seattle

Sept 10 2009

Bryleigh is a Norwegian/American baby girl. She is a thinker and makes those around her work for her
beautiful smiles. She was born 01/31/09 and is one of four wonderful children who adore her.

Bryleigh nurses on demand, which is usually several times a day and a few times at night.I do not attempt to force her into a schedule by prolonging time between feedings or by feeding her when she is not interested.

I feed her raw bananas in the morning (she usually eats a whole ground banana) sometimes mixed with pears, peaches, melon, or whatever other organic fruits I can obtain.

For lunch and dinner she eats carrots,
squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, or other veggies followed by a little fruit.

Her first solid food was avocado
(which she LOVED)!

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