Carlotta’s Baby Food Blog

Carlotta’s Baby Food Blog

By Daniela
Como, Italy

Carlotta from Como, Italy

July 23rd 2008

Meet Carlotta, she’s 5 months and I would say from her signs, she’s ready to start with solids.
She’s been wanting to put her hands on our plates for a month now and starts licking her whiskers whenever
we drink from a cup…

I started two weeks ago, on and off, because whenever she sees that spoonful coming, she closes her mouth,
so it’s not good to insist. She’s breastfed, so whenever she’s hungry after we tried, she has a boob or
two, and she’s OK again.

Yesterday, she decided to give it a try and open her mouth to the spoon.
I had to introduce new foods though, since what I was usually offering wasn’t tasty enough for her!

We all know we can’t put salt
in babies’ foods, but my daughter’s used to my spicy/tasty eating and her milk must taste quite good 😉

Granted that here in Italy, starting solids is way different
from what it could be in the US or anywhere else I’ve lived in, this is what they usually write on the menu:

Prepare a vegetable broth with 1 potato, 1 zucchini, 1 carrot, let them boil for half an hour
and use the broth to mix with the rice cereal and powder meat (white in the beginning).
You have to add some extra virgin olive oil and some parmessan cheese after 6 months of age…

Eventually, little by little, you start adding the veggies from the broth, well mixed so that
it all settles into a cream.

Today, instead of adding rice cereal I used saraceno grain cereal and lamb powder (red meat). Well,
she seemed to appreciate it more than anything else I’d ever given her…. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow 🙂

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