Chancellor’s Adventures in Baby Food!

Chancellor’s Adventures in Baby Food!

by Stephanie

My son Chancellor just celebrated his first birthday on Jan 2nd. He has been a formula fed baby (soy), partly due to his pre-mature birth and the importance of knowing how much he was eating.

He started pureed food and rice cereal at 5 months but has been slow going to chunkier foods.

He likes chopped up ravioli and mashed potatoes and so far thats it for chunkier foods.

He really liked his birthday cake!!

Tomorrow I will start him on eggs!!

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Feb 02, 2008

How precious!
by: Debbie

Your preemie is almost a grown man now. Just look at him. He looks great. My preemie is 8 months now and we are a little slow with the lumpy foods as well. My doctor reminded me that I had to take into account his adjusted age for that part. So we keep at it. But Chancellor looks great and thriving. Happy Birthday to him!