Ikhwan’s Baby Food Journal

Ikhwan’s Baby Food Journal

By Vivian Chung VW
Ampang, KL, Malaysia

March 26th 2009

Ikhwan’s first solid food was Nestle Rice Cereal,
followed closely by Heinz, KFC’s Mashed Potatoes sans gravy, Home-Overcooked-Strained Carrot,
Home-Overcooked-Strained Potato and Home-Overcooked-Strained porridge with Carrot

Next up: Sweet potatoes, Avocado, Broccoli … (is broccoli advisable?)

NOTE FROM EDITOR: Broccoli is a great food – absolutely packed with nutrients and very easy to prepare for baby. The only issue with this versatile veggie is that is can cause gas – although that’s no reason to avoid it! We have some tips for introducing broccoli (and trying to avoid any problems with gassiness) here on our Broccoli Baby Food Recipes page.

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Eating in Style Not rated yetTried broccoli and the results were disastrous! so poor mommy had to finish the broccoli herself … fortunately mommy loves broccoli lol…

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