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Jameson from USA

Enjoying another meal!

Sept 12 2007

Jameson is our 10 month old bundle of joy that brightens our lives each and everyday.

He is a breastmilk, homemade babyfood fed baby – and since we are first time parents we are learning the ups and downs of how to feed him, what to feed him, and just what’s best for our baby!

He is starting to feed himself and asserting his independence while eating – and that is hard because we want to make sure that he gets everything he needs.

We have a little problem right now with his weight – the Nurse Practitioner at his 9 month visit was concerned with his weight so she ordered us back in 2 weeks to reweigh him – and since he didn’t gain enough, tomorrow we are headed to the nutritionist to make sure that he is getting everything he needs.

I know in my mother’s heart that he is okay and would gain weight if he sat still for 2 seconds, but since he is non-stop moving I will just have a small-fry guy for the time being!

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