Julian Juggles Jam Jars

Julian Juggles Jam Jars

by Joanna Scicluna

Our little bundle of Joy was born on the 23 of August 2008. Our first baby and he is such a treasure especially when he’s asleep 😉

I’ve started feeding him apples and pears (par-boiled) and he eats one of each everyday. He just loves them. The pear also has a laxative effect which helps to keep him regular.

I also give him a portion of breakfast cereal (summer fruits) on most days which he loves eating. It helps to keep him full for quite a while – A whole lot more than breastmilk that’s for sure! A couple of weeks ago I tried feeding him rice cereal, but the first spoonful made him retch.

In the following days I’ll be trying some veggies and also some cod fillets which I shall be mashing up for him and can’t wait to see the look on his face – Just hoping he loves his seafood just like his mother.

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