Kyla In Control of the Spoon

Kyla In Control of the Spoon!

By Tash
(Australian living in Japan)
Pulling a face eating pumpkin!
Pulling a face eating pumpkin!

Dec 19th 2007

Kyla is 8 and a half months old. She was exclusively breast-fed for about the first 7 months. We started her on solids slowly, following the 4-day rule (sometimes a week!!), progressing from yellow vegetables to greens. We started off with commercial rice cereal, then added pureed sweet potato, which is still a favourite of her’s, pureed potato, pumpkin, carrot, spinach, apple, mashed green peas, pureed peach, yoghurt and we are now on to avocado, which she seems to be enjoying.

She is a small eater, and ALWAYS has to have a spoon of her own if we want her to eat anything. We also give her water in a sippy cup with a free-flow spout, as she just couldn’t get anything out of the non-spill cups we tried. She is a sopping mess every time we give her water, but I think ‘some’ of it ends up in her mouth, hehe!

Kyla came down with a cold at the start of her 8th month, and she totally went off all solid food – she would sit in her chair with her mouth fully closed for a week, and not take a single bite of food! It was worrying, but as she is still breastfeeding, we didn’t push the solids onto her,and actually stopped giving her solid food all together for a full week. Then, last Sunday, after a Christmas party where she watched all her 9 and 10 month old friends chomping away, she was happy to take solids again!

So from now we are hoping to become more adventurous and try some of the great recipes on this site..

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