Madeline’s difficulty with more textured foods

Madeline’s difficulty with more textured foods

by Heather

After a few months of introducing baby foods, Madeline is almost 9 months old and eating a variety of stage 1 and stage 2 organic baby food.

However, she gags on any other food with more texture. I have tried giving banana as a finger food or even mashed, but she just gags. She does tolerate thickening of the pureed baby food with cereal. I was going to try to intro and then thicken with potatoes.

wondered if any other mom’s have had a similar experience and what they have tried. Any info would be appreciated!

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Jun 04, 2008

Teddy puffs
by: Anonymous

Our daughter gagged at everything as well. We were visiting at a friends house and she tried healthy times teddy puffs. Although they are hard and she only has two bottom teeth, she loved them and gummed/ chewed them right up. Ever since she has eaten her solids.

May 22, 2008

More ideas…
by: Christine (editor)

Heather, we also have a page on our site with some tips for slowly introducing texture into your baby’s diet that you may find helpful – just visit Baby Feeding Problems.

Please do let us know how you get on.

May 22, 2008

by: Debbie

My son’s gag reflux was a strong one. So we kept pureeing his foods and adding earth’s best oatmeal flakes to the puree to make it thicker. Slowly the gag reflex got better. My son is one years old now and is tolerating chunky stuff much better. Just have patience and keep trying to introduce every so often. Alex did the best with mashed bananas to start. Avocados are also great mashed. Good luck

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