Alayna’s Adventures in the Colorful Food World

Alayna’s Adventures in the Colorful Food World!

By Joanna
Wilmore, Kentucky USA

Alayna and Mom at Christmas 2007

Alayna and Mom at Christmas 2007

Feb 13th 2008

Alayna Carolyn was born on August 13th 2007.
I never knew I could love a person as much as I love her.
Her father and I have enjoyed every single minute of parenthood.
She has been an amazing little girl and is now turning six months old.

Alayna has been a breastfed, cloth diapered baby!
We have loved using our cloth diapers and I find nursing to be not only nutritionally
rewarding for our little girl, but emotionally too. The bonding that I have experienced
with my little one has been incredible!

Our little one has been interested in table foods for probably the past month.
She will usually smack her lips and pretend to be chewing when she sees mom and dad eating.
This past weekend at a potluck Alayna grabbed food off of my plate in the matter of a
second and almost got it in her mouth! My husband and I looked at each other and said… “Okay
it may be time

I am looking forward to making my own babyfood… and am going to start her
off with the brown rice cereal
recipe that I found on this website.

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