Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey

by Debbie
(Salisbury, Md Usa)

Overall Goodness

Overall Goodness

I forgot to mention the other day, that Alex’s doctor gave us the OK to start trying cheerios and bread pieces since he is 9 months old. He said anything that was a simple starch would dissolve quick and wouldn’t pose as a choking hazard.

He said just to cut up the cheerios into quarters. So I went out looking for the organic, whole grain version and found nada.

I got stuck buying whole grain cheerios. Or as I refer to them as, nasty-o’s…lovingly of course. I just think so many cereals are packed full of sugar and sodium. But it’s just a learning tool I figure.

I brought them home & cut them up in quarters. Alex takes one on his tongue, seems to enjoy it until it gets to the back of his tongue and BOOM…he vomits. We don’t give up. We try again another day. But we see the same thing. Soon as the cheerio hits his tongue, he moves it to the back of it and gags and BOOM…you know the rest.

Now I figure my doctor hasn’t dealt with preemies in the past and Alex’s adjusted age is really 6 months. So maybe he isn’t ready, I think.

I take a few days to think and realize I can’t be an underachiever. I go out and buy Gerber Graduates mini fruit freeze-dried snacks and they are the size of a eraser head. I put them in my own mouth and bite them into little tiny pieces. Alex does better with these. They seem to melt quicker. But then one little one escapes to the back of his tongue and BOOM. Back to the drawing board. We’re sitting in the kitchen after a healthy lunch, not a good time to start experimenting. But I’m feeling zesty! I see a leftover banana. It may not melt, but maybe it will be gooey enough that it won’t slip to the back of Alex’s mouth. I cut it up into tiny, little bits. I fall in love! There is my baby boy munching up and down with his brand new teeth and getting the concept. No BOOMs, no problems & his mouth opens for more. I should have thought of this earlier. We have done scrambled egg yolks just fine weeks earlier. But it had slipped my mind. I want to try to follow my doctor’s advice. Oh well. Now Alex even likes eating his cottage cheese lumps. I never thought that would happen. He thought that cottage cheese was like mama’s thighs…smooth! My son is brain washed at 9 months old ;)If anyone has any other suggestion on things I can intro to him, I would be forever grateful.

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Jan 17, 2012

finger foodsNEW
by: Irene

squished up blueberries and squished up peas are a favorite of my 9 mo old, nicholas…i understand that your boy has been having a tough time but these foods went down easy enough for my guy, as did cubes of sweet potato

Jul 19, 2010

god bless
by: Melanie Pa, usa

I also like Andrea have no advise. I have enjoyed reading your story and watching your little one grow before my eyes. My son was 32 weeks gestation. I am just know thinking about feeding solids. There is just so much info out there to sift through. They say breastmilk as long as you can. He seems so hungry and eager for the food.

Mar 11, 2008

Thank you
by: Andrea

I don’t have any food ideas for you (I’m just getting my little man started with solids myself) but I wanted to say thank you for sharing Alex’s story. I have read all of your blog and it has been very helpful for another mommy in the same situation xx

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