Corinne Could Care Less About Baby Food – US

Corinne Could Care Less About Baby Food – US

by Emily



Okay – my little girl has never been a big eater, even when it comes to bottles, but she got better as time went on.

Well, we didn’t start cereal/baby food until 6 months…we are approaching 9 months and she still doesn’t eat much of it.

She loves the cereal, lunch time I usually try to give her a vegetable or fruit, I’m lucky if she eats half of the container, same for dinner. She isn’t a big fan of the fruits, she loves the bananas and applesauce but cannot stand anything else.

She loves vegetables, her favorite is peas. However a lot of the times she will even turn down her favorites. She is growing just fine, should I just not worry about it? Whether she eats 2 bites of the food or the whole container?? As long as I’m offering it to her…I always give bottle first then 2 hours later food….

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Jul 30, 2008

How is it now?
by: Brooke

Just wondering how things have changed and if anything seemed to help. I am having the same situation with my 6.5 month old. She doesn’t want anything, and is also teething.

May 22, 2008

I’ve been there…
by: Kelley

My daughter went through the same thing, for about a month. We started feeding her solids at 6 months, and from 6-7 months she hardly ate anything besides a bottle. Then, like magic, all of a sudden she went from barely eating a half-jar to eating one-two jars at each feeding. She’s now 9 months and there are still days where she doesn’t eat hardly any baby food, but then the next day she’ll be really hungry.

She was in the throes of teething from about 6 – 8 months old so I’m sure that had something to do with it.

One of my friends also told me that her daughter never really liked baby food, and didn’t eat much of it. Her daughter, who’s now 2, is perfectly fine. Just hang in there!

May 21, 2008

A common problem!
by: Christine (editor)

If Corinne’s pediatrician has confirmed that her growth rate is normal, then I really wouldn’t worry about Corinne’s lack of appetite!

Her refusal of food is actually quite a common ‘problem’ at this stage – she may be teething (which makes eating uncomfortable)… she may even be asserting her growing independence (we particularly noticed this with our children around the time that they began walking, from around 10-12 months).

One of the most important things to remember at this stage is to remain calm and to appear unconcerned when she refuses food. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a battle on your hands at every mealtime.

You are doing the right thing by continuing to offer a variety of foods – have you tried offering finger foods, too? You may find that Corinne will enjoy feeding herself MORE than being fed from a spoon.

I think you’ll find this page very useful, as it explains more about why babies refuse foods and shows why trying to ‘force’ them to eat is not recommended! How Much Should my Baby be Eating?

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