Diya’s Food Habits – India

Diya’s Food Habits – India

by Vismaya Saravanan
(Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India)

Diya has just started taking solid foods. She is 165 days old and weighs about 6.2-6.3 kgs.

She has tasted mashed potatoes, fresh peas, drumstick flesh, dal water, boiled apple, boiled banana and sweet lemon.

At first, she was OK with every taste – now she has started rejecting a few (like cooked potatoes,sweet lemon juice and banana), which is upsetting me a lot, although I add a little amount of salt and sugar where ever necessary.

From the begining she has had trouble with weight gain – now its kinda OK….

I fed her breast milk for four months exclusively and included formula mlik afterward so as to help her to put on weight.

I started feeding her vegetables and fruits from 150 days of her birth, but sometimes I feel I’ve started things late 🙁

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Sep 28, 2012

my baby
by: juno

he is fond of playing and not much interested in food… his regular diet : 1 idiy with milk an apple a bowl of rice with dal and vegetables a banana cerelac milk 1 dosa with milk

Mar 10, 2012

Poor baby
by: Christine (editor)

Shivali, I’m sorry to hear that – I really recommend that you discuss this with a medical professional in order to get the best advice to help your daughter. Please let us know what your doctor advises. xx

Mar 10, 2012

deanna 1.5yr old
by: shivali

deanna is 1.5 yr old her weight is 9.5kg she is very weak &very fussy about food ,she shouts whole day &is very aggressive &she gets stomach infections very fast she starts having loose motions &vomits when she is ill help me out please

Jan 02, 2009

It’s too early 🙂
by: Vivi

I have a 1.5 yr old and she still takes breast milk during the night.avoid salt as much as possible and quit trying to force feed her, let her be. Generally babies love apple. mine hates it…. but she loved kichdi( Rice cooked with dal, ghee and ginger garlic) it’s fattening too and also give her deseeded peeled tomatoes in her hand.. let her play with it…. she’ll end up eating atleast half of it…and also u can give one drop of coconut oil or pure ghee daily.

Jun 17, 2008

diya’s food
by: vismaya

hey thanks for that tip was thinking of avoiding salt and sugar but since sweetlemons and oranges are not in season and the ones available are extremely sour and so she refuses to take them what do i do in this case?????

she takes drumstick soup, green peas soup,apple,sweetlamon,banana,rice water and potatoes is there anything else that i can feed her with??????

Jun 16, 2008

by: Pallavi

160 days is not late. Infact in US the American Pediatrics board recommends breastfeeding exclusively for 1st 6 months and start solids after that.

Its very common for babies to refuse food. Keep attempting to offer the same food after a few days gap. She may take it eventually. My baby first refused to eat banana. I tried so many times. Now finally she eats it and loves it.

I read somewhere that it may take as much as 13 attempts to get the baby accept something or it may work on the 1st attempt itself 🙂

I avoided feeding my baby salt & sugar as much as possible. Now I have introdauced salt & sugar ( baby is 14 months old ) but I give it to her in moderation.

In the 1st year their kidney cannot process so much salt and its recommended to avoid salt as much as possible.

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