Erica eats everything

Erica eats everything

by Lori
(Ontario, Canada)

My healthy little girl

My healthy little girl

I first introduced Erica to solid foods at 6 months, starting with organic brown rice, then veggies and fruits . I haven’t found a food Erica won’t eat! She is now almost ten months and loves finger foods. She is still breastfed and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. We both enjoy the special bond breastfeeding seems to bring to us. Finding finger foods that are soft enough but firm enough to pick up can be a challenge – cheese and cheerios are her favourites. I still spoon feed her her main dish at lunch and dinner because she can’t quite chew enough food yet on her own.I cook with legumes quite often, brown pastas and breads only as she is native and diabetes is a future concern. She loves yogurt with a few drops of vanilla for dessert. I buy the balkan style with 6% milk fat and add just about anything to it. Meats are still a problem, she doesn’t like the texture of the jarred purees and can only chew small amounts of chicken, she does however love canned tuna.She’s a very bright and active girl and always try to keep in mind that I’m shaping a healthy lifestyle and not just feeding her that one meal. She has days when she won’t eat and days when I can’t seem to fill her up. It evens out over a week to a healthy amount. I find the recipes very healthy and tasty at Homemade Baby Food and recommend it to friends and all moms.

Comments for Erica eats everything

Nov 29, 2007

Sweet Erica
by: Debbie

Erica is a beautiful, yound girl! How precious she is. I am thinking about adding yogurt to my sons diet in the next couple of weeks as well. It seems that so many of the young children love it and it is ever so healthy for them. Your doing a great job. Can’t wait to read more.

Oct 21, 2007

You’re so lucky!
by: Jan

I wish we were in the same position – our little boy eats very little, but he’s only 7 months and still nursing LOADS so I know he’s getting all he needs. Erica is beautiful, she looks like she’s doing really well on your home made food!

Oct 05, 2007

What a gorgeous girl
by: Katie

What a gorgeous girl you have!As far as eating habits go my little girl is much the same, one day she will eat two days worth of fooods, other days I am lucky if I can get her to nibble on anything!Looking forward to reading more about your little one:-)

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