Isabella – Australia

Isabella – Australia

by Dagmara

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying being a mum.

I have a little Baby girl Isabella. She is 8 months old.

I started her on solids when she was 4 months. She is a breast fed baby. She was so difficult to get on formula, so I just continued breastfeeding her.
I tried few formulas and she takes NAN formula now. I altered the temperature and she finally took it 2 weeks ago. So I give her 1 bottle formula – the rest I express.

I have started her on rice first, with breast milk. Next we added cooked apple (all organic). She loved it! She takes 3 table spoons organic rice with about 120 ml milk and 2 table spoons of apple. The next food she took was pear. But we dont feed her it that much.

She loves my mum’s chicken soup. First we made it all veggies with chicken stock.

We make chicken stock from 6 chicken wings in 700ml water – cook it for half an hour, take the wings out and to the liquid you can add veggies that you have, like sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, leek, etc.

Cook it until soft (max 10min). If you want, you can take 200 ml of liquid to a seperate pan and add to it 1 flat table spoon of semolina. Cook for 3 minutes. Mix that 200 ml with veggies to make it creamy. My baby loves it and it makes her strong.

Good luck!!!

Mum and Isabella

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Nov 08, 2009

Isabella is gorgeous
by: Christine (editor)

Thanks so much, Dagmara, for sharing your story – and your method for making yummy homemade chicken soup!


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