Miqail Can’t Wait to Taste Food

Miqail Can’t Wait to Taste Food

by shima

Hello all!My son is only 5 months now. He weighs about 9kg. Quite big for a 5 months old Asian :).He currently on breast feeding and formula. It is because I’m working so I can only produce 3-4 bottle of breast milk per day using the breast pump – the rest they need to top it up with formula. He needs at least 6-7 bottles of 5-6 oz during day time. I always try my best to breast feed him fully especially during my off day, and before bed.He drools whenever he sees food in front of him . I think he’ll be a good eater. It’s just that I don’t really know when is the good time to feed him with solid food. So I’ve decided to wait until he’s at least 6 months.I can’t wait for him turn to 6months so I can try the entire recipes from http://www.homemade-baby-food-recipes! :)I’ll blog about the recipe and the progress in my blog later. Thanks for sharing!

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Sep 04, 2010

by: Melanie

Wow he is a biggie and such a handsome fella. He seems to be more than ready for his solids. I can’t wait to hear what he likes ( I bet everything) What will you start with? How many hours do you go to work. I just started back after being off for 6 months. I find I can only pump 2times during my work day and that will not be enought to keep up with my growing boy. I have not supplemented yet but know I need to start this next week. My blog is Melanie from Pa USA thanks for sharing!!

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