Premie Sam Wants Some Food – USA

Premie Sam Wants Some Food – USA

By Melanie
Pennsylvania, USA
Sam from the USA

Sam was born at 32 weeks. He was a total surprise to me-his 37 yr old mother who was on birth control. Sam was born without any major health issues but did remain in the NICU for 3 weeks til we could bring him home.

Sam has one older brother who is 14.

His older brother started the rice cereal in his bottle at just a couple weeks old thanks to grandma and fruits at 12 weeks veggies at 13 weeks and did not have a chance for succesful breastfeeding again thanks to grandma’s desire to feed that boy. Well, with baby Sam mom was going to try to go by the book.

So far Sam has been exclusively fed breastmilk. He does take a bottle or breast equally with no confusion. There was an attempt at rice cereal but that was aborted as no change was seen with his sleeping and fussiness. He is now 4 months old holds a spoon and puts it to his mouth and stares at me when I eat. This morning I couldn’t resist and mashed up some banana with some breastmilk and fed it to him on his spoon. He loved it did not have any problem getting it down. If there was a slight clump it would come back out of his mouth but anything smooth went down.

He has been happy all day and had his daily bowel movement as normal. I wanted to try to wait to 5 and half months but Premie Sam wants some food NOW!

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