Riley’s Amazing Food Experience!

Riley’s Amazing Food Experience!

by Nanette
(California, USA)

My little Riley baby was born in July 2008. Breastfeeding was definitely an adventure as I found out early on that she was a biter. Ouch! A few lactation consultations later we decided to feed her breast milk through a bottle. She didn’t mind that one bit since she could get the milk faster and with less work that way! Four months was her time for cereal. She started with rice cereal and loved it. She would say “MmmMm” as she ate it. Unfortunately by 5 months, the cereal (having no fiber) caused her to become VERY constipated. A trip to the doctors office led us to starting fruits and veges and also a bit of 100% apple juice every morning. She still LOVES her apple juice.

I make all of her foods at home using fresh ingredients. Mainly her fruits and veges are baked or steamed (they get the best flavor that way). Now that she is 7 months, she has had a variety of foods. Her most favorite vegetable is baked butternut squash. My husband loves when I make it for her. I usually have to swat him out of the kitchen before he steals some of her food! haha She eats so much of it and carrots that her little nose has turned an orange hue! I read on this website that that can happen with orange veges, so I knew it was nothing to worry about. =) Her favorite fruit is pears. She smacks her lips after every bite. It’s so cute!! One thing she completely detests is peas. My husband and I made a video of her first encounter with peas. At first bite she jolts like someone pinched her! We show the video to family and they just laugh and laugh. We repeatedly tried to reintroduce her to the peas, hoping she would get used to them, but no luck. I am going to wait until 8 months before feeding her meats. I would like to start with fish; most likely salmon. It has so many healthy benefits. I just can’t wait to see her try new foods!

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