Sabrina – our food lover!!!

Sabrina – our food lover!!!

by Nausheen
(Milford, CT, USA)

SABRINA - our food lover!!

SABRINA – our food lover!!

14th Feb 2010 – Valentines Day – We were having a family lunch at our favorite Indian Cuisine Restaurant, when i realized we had a big time food lover in the making!!!…thats SABRINA – my 10 month old who is so fond of eating all the spicy stuff that its surprising for a tummy so small to adjust to such variety of flavors and spices!!!….Everything she tasted off my plate yesterday seemed to entice her so much that she swayed from side to side expressing her delight!!Ever since she started solids at 5 months, I used this website for the yummy recipes and have never looked back since. She enjoys every bit of the food and is a sight to see. From Spinach chicken curry (which i call the Popeye Food), to rice pancakes (called idli back in India) to fruit yoghurt and dal-rice (thats lentil curry with rice)- she loves them all!!Thanks to I am not only saving on baby food but also providing my little one with fresh and nutritious and variety of food…. I will soon post some of my very own recipes which I feel are not only delicious but also nutritious. Thats it for now…thanks for reading…may god bless you and your baby!!!

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