Sanvi’s Baby Food Journey

Sanvi’s Baby Food Journey

by Ketal
(London, UK)

Our beautiful little angel (Sanvi) is 6 months old and now weighing 17.5lb. I started giving her solids from about five months.

Initially it was organic baby rice with formula milk once a day for about two weeks. Then I started introducing fruit (organic apple, pear, banana) and vegetable puree (organic broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, peas, corn, spinach). I always mix and match.

I also give near about 4-5oz (120-150ml) of water.

Now I give her cereals in the morning and two meals at lunch and evening, along with baby yogurt or desserts..

In the evening I usually make Khichdi (rice with moong dal) with a little bit of turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg powder (just like a small dot) along with any puree and yogurt or milk.

I haven’t given her salt,sugar or honey yet.

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