Siya’s food troubles

Siya’s food troubles

by Tuhina Misra
(Adelaide,  Australia)

Siya is 14 months old.

She is an absolute angel… I love to be around her and play with her, but the only trouble is she just doesn’t want to eat or drink anything after two bites!

I started her on solid food when she was five months old by pureeing fruits and veggies… (she’s a vegetarian) and made it tasty too, by adding cheese and cream or milk.

When she turned one I started on finger food… a little late, I guess, but she prefers the old pureed form over the solid food. And she doesn’t even drink her milk with the bottle, she only wants mother feed.

Please help and advise me on how to start her to have her food on her own and also how to get her to dislike mothers feed and go on to other substitutes instead…

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Oct 22, 2008

drinking milk from bottle and eating by spoon
by: Marketa


I am from the Czech Republic and English is not my native language, so be patient about my English. I also had problem to learn my son to drink milk from bottle, finally his father was the right solution. It was an advise from my gynecologist to ask the father (or anyone else from your family) to feed our baby and I was to be away so that our son could not see my breasts. And it really worked well. However our son never used the bottle with rubber teat, we use bottles from baby juices, it was much easier for him to drink from it.As for eating, I did not have any problem with my son but my friend had. And her doctor gave a well-working advice which was to put one spoon to child´s hand and to feed him or her by the other one. I hope you can understand what I am trying to tell here and that it will be useful for you. Try it.Marketa

Oct 20, 2008

A few tips for you
by: Christine (editor)

Tuhina, I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulties in feeding your little one. It can be very frustrating – not to mention worrying – when your baby simply refuses to eat! That being said, little Siya is obviously enjoying her breast milk, which supplies her with many nutrients – and it may be that she is consuming more in the way of solid foods than you realize (we always recommend keeping a food diary in situations like this, writing down EVERYTHING that baby eats over a few days. Sometimes, you can be quite surprised by just HOW much she/he has eaten within that period).

You’ll find more information on this section of our site – How Much Should My Baby Be Eating?.

If you are concerned that Siya’s small appetite is affecting her growth and development you should, of course, speak to your doctor. We must say, however, that she looks as if she is doing wonderfully well – and what a sweet little smile!

We do recommend encouraging finger foods as much as possible – as Siya loves her purees, she may also enjoy them as a dip for other foods (such as cooked veggies, bagels, lightly toasted bread etc). Also, serving finger foods with ‘dips’ makes mealtimes fun and may encourage Siya to enjoy sitting down to eat for a little longer.

Another tip is to try inviting Siya’s little friends around at mealtimes – if she sees them happily eating, then she may be more inclined to do so herself! For the same reason, it’s a good idea for you or other family members to accompany her at mealtimes.

Do you breast feed Siya before or after her solid food? At this stage, it would be a good idea to give her the solid meal FIRST – when her appetite is at its keenest. Good luck – please keep us posted and let us know how Siya gets on!