Two Cent goes on a helicopter ride

Two Cent goes on a helicopter ride

by Debbie
(Salisbury, Md USA)

Momma & Two Cent

Momma & Two Cent

This is Alex’s story. Have tissues ready.

It was the morning of my surprise baby shower in New Jersey. Yes, I knew. No one told me. I’m a woman. I had my highlights done, pedicure, new clothes all that week!

It is six am Saturday May 19th, I am in bed fast asleep…..whoosh. My bed is soaked. I look down and feel like I wet the bed. I go to the bathroom. Run to the computer and research when I will go into labor. This can’t be my water breaking. I have to get on the ferry & go to my “surprise” baby shower in NJ. You only get one.

Whoosh again.

I finally wake up my husband in tears. This can’t be I tell him. I’m only 28 weeks pregnant. I have 3 months to go. I call my doctor, who is my best friend’s sister and she threatens my life if I get on that ferry.

I get in the shower cause I figure we’re having a baby and it will be my last one for a very long while. I was right.

At the hospital the nurse asks how long have you been having contractions? I said I wasn’t. She said I was having one right now. I was in labor for 32 hours.

Alex was delivered via emergency c-section with a scar on me that stretches all the way up to my ribs. They were losing his pulse with every contraction I had. I felt the scalpel slice me above my navel because they had no clue how quick and how long they needed to cut. My 2 surgeons are dear friends of mine and did everything they could to save my baby.

Alex was born 2 lbs 7 oz & 14 1/2 inches long.

They tried rushing him out of the room without letting me see him. But thankfully the neonatologist heard my cries and let me see a quick glance from afar.

Alex stayed in our local hospital for 4 days. On Thursday, I was home trying to get Alex’s room ready. I knew he wouldn’t be home for months, but I still needed to get it ready. The doctor called and asked that both me & my husband come in immediately. Alex needed to be helicoptered to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. We live 2 1/2 hours away from Baltimore. My husband & I went to the hospital. The helicopter team had beat us there. The doctor explained that when Alex was born, his heart chamber had remained open and when they had treated it with the medicine it in turn had caused a perforation in his intestines. It was allowing air and other things to escape in his belly for days. They needed to act fast.

We said our good byes and off our baby went. We got in our car and drove off. I then called my neighbor Jen to ask if she could grab our dogs that we didn’t know when we would be back. I told her what was occurring she started crying. She says “Wait, was that Alex’s helicopter that just went up overhead?” I cried hysterically “Yes.”

She then told me that her 8 year old boy Colin calls Alex Two Cent. Because every time people ask about him, they ask how much does he weigh? And we say two seven. Translation….two cent to little boys ears.

Anyway, minutes before I called Jen, Colin pointed to the helicopter while they were in the car driving, and said “Mommy, there goes two cent.” Jen didn’t know what he was talking about. I later told this to the helicopter nurse and she cried. Children are amazing creatures.

So my husband and I drove up to Hopkins. By the time we got there, Alex was out of surgery. They were able to close up the tear in his intestines. He remained in Hopkins for over three months and we had good weeks and bad weeks. One great doctor once told us that our stay in the NICU would be like a ride on a roller coaster. He couldn’t have prepared us more. He had lots of medical issues and we are still dealing with some and that is why I want to give him the best possible start that I can. I feel that if I give him all the good foods with nutrients and vitamins, he will grow strong and maybe won’t need medicines and doctors. I want him to play and not live in a bubble like my parents once did to me.

So I hope you liked Two Cent’s story. We are going to condense it to just the helicopter and Colin part, put it in a shadow box with 2 pennies and a toy helicopter and put it in Alex’s room for all to read.

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Dec 07, 2007

An inspiration
by: Tami

Debbie – this story is beautiful and all you’ve told us about Alex is a real inspiration to other Moms in the same position. I hope little Two Cent continues to thrive and good luck to you – keep on following that Mommy instinct!


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