Xaia’s All Organic Homemade Baby Food

Xaia’s All Organic Homemade Baby Food

Lara Mannell
(USA and Lebanon)

Xaia eats all organic homemade baby food

Xaia Eating

I am writing this blog to share with all the moms out there my experience and my recipes. I will post all the recipes that my baby loves! I may occasionally post the one that she’s not very fond of too, maybe your baby will like them. I will also describe as precisely as possible preparations, schedules, and quantities. I must warn you that I never cooked before except for a couple of boiled eggs and plain pasta to dump some sauce jar on top. But I have to say that I am taking this extremely seriously, I did a lot of research of what babies must eat at every stage and I buy all organic products. My recipes are modifications from recipes that I took from the internet (which I will reference and include links), from books (I will also reference the books), or just copied my mom’s and created my own. I am proud to say that my 10-month baby girl is extremely healthy and loves the food that I cook for her.

A little bit about me:

My name is Lara Bechwati (now Mannell), I was born and raised in Fanar, Lebanon (about 10 min North of Beirut) where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. I worked for 3 years after my graduation designing hotels and resorts in Lebanon and the Middle East. I came to the US in June, 2002 for a better work opportunity, and worked as an in-house architect for developers overlooking residential and commercial projects throughout New York and New Jersey. I finished my MBA in marketing from Rutgers Business School in 2008 where I met my husband Matthew. We got married in Miami Beach at the end of 2008 and now we have a baby girl.

A little bit about my baby:

Born last June, Xaia is now exactly 10 months old. I breastfed her exclusively until 6 months and then she started eating solids on the first day of the year 2011. We started with squash and peas and then we moved to green beans and other vegetables. She ate only vegetables for the first two months, of course breast milk was still her main meal. As my lactation specialist said “solids at this age are not a substitute for breast milk, but a supplement”. She started with one spoonful a day, and now she eats three full meals with an afternoon snack. Of course it helps that she loves to eat and that makes my cooking adventure even more fun.

I hope that you enjoy this blog and that it would help you feed your little one healthy home made food. On the next page I will describe in detail the last four months and include some recipes for first foods.

Thank you for staying tuned.

Love and Health,


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