Zippy’s Baby Food Adventures – Kenya

Zippy’s Baby Food Adventures – Kenya

by Zippy

Randall is 7 months old and hyper! He eats mixed mashed butternut with raw bananas and he enjoys it very much. He also loves to take porridge (millet and soghurm mixed with milk) – this is his favorite and he takes a cup twice a day.

My son loves to eat avocados, bananas & pawpaw mixed together. I also make watermelon juice, which he takes happily.

I found this site last month an am learning a new thing every day. I love it !!!!!!!

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Jul 29, 2014

lovely baby
by: leah karanja

thanks zippy for sharing wit us my son is 7 months i feed him with mashed pumkin raw banana and spinach …your son looks mwaah so healthy…i hope mi son wil add some weight for hes feeding quite well

Mar 23, 2014

prune juice
by: njerik

You can get prune juice at healthy u yaya, junction, sarit, Tmall.

Mar 07, 2014

Prune Juice
by: Anonymous

Dear Zippy,Where can i get Prune Juice in Kenya?

Jan 24, 2014

Feeding seven months baby
by: anonymous

Hallo ZippyAm having trouble feeding my seven months baby, right now am giving her potatoes mixed with pumpkin am also giving her rice cereal, avocado mixed with bananas puree but still doesnt regain weight as required, just to mention she has reflux. Please help.

Aug 28, 2012

More food ideas
by: Deborah

Hey, Zippy. Thanx for the ideas. Am also from kenya. My baby is almost 9months. I give her mushed butternut with potatoes or bananas then mixed with spinach and atimes with onions and tomatoes. Also make her fruit juice of melon and pawpaw. She also likes ripe banana and avocado. Please give more recipes that you use. Thanx.

Nov 23, 2011

by: caroline

Zippy your baby looks yummy please help my son is one year one month but have a lot o rushes on his face with Avery poor weight please advice i could like him look yummy like your son

Aug 12, 2011

by: Anonymous

Hi zippy ur baby is so cute how many kgs is he ma boy is almost seven weighs 8.5kg n am lookin 4 more interesting recipe for him, he lovs paw,bananas n avocado.

Jun 27, 2011

thanks zippy
by: Anonymous

Thanks zippy for sharing what you give to your baby. Am amother of a one and half years old baby and sometimes am confused what to give him.

Sep 08, 2009

Thank you for your blog.
by: Rebekah from Southern California, USA

Your baby is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the wonderful diet of your baby. It gives me ideas of new foods I can introduce rather than feeding my 7 month old daughter the same old foods you find on supermarket shelves. I’ve already fed my daughter raw organic avacado and banana and she LOVED it! She’s also had various kinds of melons including watermelon and cantalope. She likes them frozen.Please continue to share information on what your baby eats. When you feed him grains how do you prepare them?I will be creating my own blog about my baby’s diet if you’re interested. Her name is Bryleigh.

Sep 07, 2009

Cute baby

At least in Kenya everything is organic, Zippy – you are so lucky to live there .

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