Baby Travel Toy Ideas

Recommended Baby Travel Toy Ideas

Finding the perfect baby travel toy can make a big difference on a long trip!
These are some of the best toys around for keeping baby amused when you’re ‘on the go’!

The key to a successful travel toy is keeping it a surprise from baby until you’re ‘en route’.
Something new and exciting will provide a diversion for much longer than something your
baby has seen and played with before. The baby travel toy ideas listed here all have
unique features that make them ideal for entertaining baby during your trip …
and after you’ve arrived!

These products are available in the US-

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Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go – Travel Sound Machine with Four Soothing Sounds

The original Sleep Sheep is now ready to travel! A hugely popular comforter for babies, this Sleep Sheep is only 8 inches tall and has four ‘sounds from nature’ designed to soothe your baby to sleep. You are able to control the volume and – to a certain extent – the length of time it plays (there are two settings… 23 and 45 minutes). A velcro strap
enables you to attach the Sleep Sheep to baby’s stroller or car seat… so his best friend is never far away!


Lamaze Pupsqueak

With its handy clip, this playful pup is designed to keep your baby company in the stroller, car seat, crib, or wherever else he may be! Ideal from birth onwards, the puppy has loads of textures to explore, and he’ll even bark when your little one pets his nose!

My First Taggies Book

What is it about tags that babies love so much? We’ve never managed to work that one out, but there’s surely
no quicker way to occupy a restless baby than to offer him a good old tag to play with! These beautiful little books
loads of brightly colored tags for hours of fiddling fun!


Tiny Love Wonder Wheel

Look Mommy, I’m driving!

Babies are great mimics and this excellent toy allows them to really feel as if they’re driving right along
with you! This wheel comes with a panel (not shown in the picture) that fixes easily to the rear
of the front seat. When baby touches an image on the steering wheel, the same image lights up on
the panel in front of him and makes sounds. Despite all these cool effects, our little one just enjoys
turning the wheel as we go around corners!

Oh well, whatever keeps them happy!

US – also available in the UK

Tiny Love Musical Take-Along Arch, Hippo

This colorful arch is just too cute! When your baby pats any of the hanging toys with his hand, he’ll be
rewarded with music! It’s pretty versatile and fits most car seats, strollers and bouncy seats
and you can adjust the height of the toys as your baby grows. In our opinion, a great arch like this
is an absolute ‘must have’ baby travel toy because it can be used pretty much anywhere!


Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit

If you’ve never come across Whoozits before, then you’ve just discovered some of the most popular
baby travel toys with parents today! This particular member of the Whoozit family has high contrast
patterns, that are designed to provide visual stimulation for tots! They also have lots of noisy
bits (including that crinkly stuff again!) and attach to most car seats, baby carriers and strollers.

Whoozit Photo Album

Another superb Whoozit toy – and this one has a real personal touch! Just pop your family photos (or
other pictures that your baby loves) into the vinyl pockets and he’ll have great fun lifting the flaps
on each page to see who’s underneath! There’s also a nice, chewable, textured handle at the top for
gnawing on when he’s bored with the photos!

Manhattan Toy Whoozit Activity Spiral

Dangling, squeaky, crinkly toys are always fun, but not all portable arches fit all seats and strollers.
This spiral, however, fits just about anywhere, because you just wrap the ends around whatever you
want to attach it to. Another BIG selling point in
our opinion are those silky ribbons – all our babies just LOVED that type of texture and would
happily suck away at the labels on their blankies. The Whoozit Spiral provides loads of similar tag-sucking


Bright Starts Ingenuity Portable Swing, Bella Vista

These swings are suitable from birth and can be really handy if you’re visiting friends/family etc and need to keep your baby in a safe and entertaining place! We wouldn’t recommend them for long trips where you might have a lot of luggage, as they take up quite a bit of space in the car, but for local trips they’re great!


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Do you find yourself avoiding musical toys because they’re so… annoying? Well, this one’s the exception – the music actually sounds NICE! A light display accompanies the music, so it’s a real treat for baby, and its little handle makes it ideal for on-the-go fun!


Baby Einstein Move & Go Music Mirror

‘Mirror, mirror, in the car

My favorite travel toy by far!’

OK, so we’re no poets – but babies LOVE admiring their reflections! With this groovy little
entertainment center, they get to check their reflection while listening to music and watching the colored lights!
Best of all, YOU get to set the volume by remote control! Oh – and this was named one of Dr Toy’s
‘Toy Products of Excellence’ in 2006!


Star Kids Snack and Play Travel Tray

This best-selling tray is absolutely ideal for car travel with a little one! Suitable from 18 months+, the tray is firm enough to spread out snacks or toys to keep your little one occupied, but is soft enough to easily collapse on impact. What’s more, the tray has a little ‘wall’ all the way around, to prevent food/crayons etc from rolling off!


Baby Travel Toy Ideas – Available In The UK Only

East Coast Musical Take Along Arch Blue

This brightly coloured arch easily clips to baby’s puschair or seat and you can raise or lower it to achieve just the right
angle. It also comes with spare loops, so you can change the height of the toys as your baby grows.


Manhattan Toy – Wrap a Bug Spiral – Travel Toy

If you need a baby travel toy that can be used on a cot, pushchair, highchair – just about anywhere, in fact! – then this is ideal! You just twist it on to whatever your baby is sitting in and he can occupy himself with the chewy, crinkly, musical toys!


East Coast Wonder Wheel

You can read our review of this product here


Lamaze Play and Grow Captain Calamari The Octopus Pirate

This cute, little toy easily attaches to baby’s car seat or high chair and has lots of features to attract his attention and keep him occupied.


Taf Toys Infant Car Toy

With loads of colours, textures and sounds to explore this is a fun packed activity centre to keep your little one as happy as can be on long car journeys. It’s cleverly designed to fit on the head restraint of the seat in front and its Velcro straps make it fully adjustable, so it ‘grows’ with your baby.


East Coast Nursery Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

Perfect for car travel, this mobile attaches to most car seats and strollers, helping keep baby amused on long, boring


Lamaze Play and Grow Sir Prance-a-lot

This cute horse attaches to most strollers and cots – and what we really like about it are the colourful teething attachments… they should provide hours of teething fun!


Star Kids : Snack and Play Travel Tray

One of the biggest problems when you travel by car with your baby is that any toys you give him tend to quickly end up on the floor! This clever tray really helps solve the problem, as it provides a surface on which your baby can play while you’re on the go. The edges form a ‘wall’ to stop things rolling off, and the tray comes in very handy at snack time too.