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High Chairs

Choosing a good model is an important decision – but there are so many wonderful high chairs available now,
it can be difficult to know which one is right for you!

  • Look for a model that adjusts to suit a growing baby – after all, you want
    it to last until your baby is big enough to sit with you at the table.

  • If you have limited space, then look for models that fold as flat as possible,
    as they will be easier to store. Alternatively, consider using a
    travel high chair, which is
    small, portable and also perfect for outings with baby.

  • Safety is paramount and most high chairs these days are extremely secure.
    Always check that adequate safety restraints are included and that all hinges lock securely when
    the chair is in use.

  • Finally, look for styles that are easy to clean! Your baby will be using this chair
    several times a day … and YOU will have to clean it each time. Wipe-clean vinyl seats are ideal
    and removable trays make life a whole lot easier!

Alternatively, consider a Bebepod! The innovative design of this simple seat
allows baby to sit upright -babies just love to be able to see what’s going on around them!
These products are available in the US –

UK high chairsClick here for high chairs available to UK customers.
LeapFrog Interactive Alpha High Chair

There’s something very special about this highchair – as well as being a comfortable place for your baby to eat, it’s also designed to keep him entertained – a real bonus if you need a few more precious minutes to get things done in the kitchen! The cool, interactive tray (which you remove whilst baby’s eating) features three different levels of play and speaks in English, French and Spanish! And in case you’re thinking this is rather gimmicky and the rest of the chair is probably not up to par, you’ll be pleased to learn it’s actually very well constructed from solid beech wood and can be adjusted to fit your child until he’s around 10 years of age.

Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair

Put the words ‘easy clean’ and ‘highchair’ into the same sentence and you know you’ve got a winner! This is a wonderfully convenient highchair in many respects. The straps are easy to remove and quickly wipe clean (a real boon if you’ve ever tried cleaning highchair straps in situ) and all the adjusting takes place at the back, where baby and his messy hands can’t reach! The pad is machine washable and – better still – seam free, so no more soggy Cheerios hiding in the cracks! As with all good highchairs, the tray and seat are fully adjustable and we LOVE the open frame design, which makes it very easy to get baby in and out.

Chicco Polly High Chair, Foxy

With 7 height positions and 3 recline positions, this highchair is fully adjustable and really does ‘grow’ with your baby! We like the fact that it includes a useful tray insert – washing a lightweight tray is much easier than cleaning a bulky table! It rolls around smoothly, so moving it from one room to another is easy – and for a highchair with so many features, it actually folds pretty compactly, too. A good investment!

Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair – Natural

A beautiful piece of furniture, the Tripp Trapp is hugely popular, described by the manufacturers as ‘the only chair your child will ever need’. And it IS very versatile – both the seat and the footrest can be adjusted as your child grows… in fact, it’s SO adjustable that it can be used by adults, too. If you’re concerned that the seat may not be comfortable enough for younger babies, then you’ll be please to know that there are cushions available, which are sold separately.

Baby Home Light Weight Eat High Chair w/ Breathable Fabric

If simple, ergonomic design is what you look for in a highchair, the the Baby Home Eat is the highchair for you! Its sleek, modern look will blend easily into any room, and it features a strong, sturdy frame, with a wide base for added stability. Like all good highchairs, the Baby Home Eat includes a 5 point harness and it can be used with the tray OR without, when baby is ready to sit at the table. Despite its sturdy construction, it’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to move around.

OXO Tot Sprout Chair, Taupe/Birch

The manufacturer’s description of this highchair proudly states that the recess in its tray can hold up to 7 oz of spilled liquid! Funny as it sounds, that’s a feature you may frequently find yourself thankful in the future (if your tiny diner is as messy as ours!). But that’s just ONE of the many great features this highchair has to offer, including complete “convertability” to a youth chair and simple, tool-free adjustability to various seat heights and depths. A beautifully constructed highchair, from a name you can trust!

Prince Lionheart Bebepod Flex Plus, Green/Kiwi

The ever-popular Bebepod is a really innovative baby seat that enables your little one to sit up and see the world around him from as early as 3 months. It’s durable but lightweight, so it’s very easy to move around and is also VERY comfy and secure for your baby. Some parents find they’re able to use their Bebepods until their babies are around 14 months old – this does, of course, depend on your baby’s size and stage of development. But this is certainly a great product – not just for feeding, but also for keeping your baby close by and engaged by his surroundings.

Bumbo Seat Play Tray, Ivory

This Bumbo tray is sold separately to the seat and is a great way to get extra ‘mileage’ from your Bumbo! Perfect for feeding and providing baby a surface for playing, the tray easily fixes on to the knob on the centre of the seat.

Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair with Pneumatic Lift

Now here’s a modern, classy highchair with a really sleek design! The Boon Flair has a sturdy pedestal base that you can slide right under the dinner table – ideal for bringing baby close at mealtimes! But the coolest feature of this highchair is its high-tech, hands-free, pneumatic lift – a great touch that makes adjusting the height as easy as can be! The seam-free seat ensures that crumbs have nowhere to hide and its made with a water and chemical resistant material – so it won’t fade after cleaning. This quality highchair doesn’t come cheap – but it will give you years of service, as you can remove the tray, safety restraints and cushion and continue to use the seat as an adjustable chair for your child until around 5 years of age.

Bloom Baby Fresco Chrome High Chair Frame Only (White)

This is a groovy, eye-catching high chair that almost makes you wish you were a baby again!What makes the bloom fresco unique is its versatility – it can be used from newborn as a ‘sleeping pod’ when fully reclined, then for feeding and playing as your little one grows. It features all the good stuff you expect from a high-end highchair, including pneumatically assisted height adjustment, 360 degree rotation, multi-position reclining seat and adjustable footrest.And it’s made from baby friendly materials – which means no BPA, lead, phthalates or PVC.

BABYBJORN High Chair, White

There are a few key features that make this an outstanding highchair, particularly if you’re short on space but don’t want to compromise on quality!

*It is SO SIMPLE TO CLEAN! The surfaces are smooth and seamless – just what you need for keeping mess to a minimum.*It’s COMPACT when folded, measuring just 10 inches across.*Its ERGONOMIC DESIGN encircles your baby and holds him in a perfectly comfortable position.US

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

Short on space? Here’s another great solution – it has most of the features of a regular highchair, but attaches to most dining or kitchen chairs. It still reclines, to three different positions – and also has three height adjustments. When your baby is older, you can simply convert it to a backless booster seat! This is a great seat at a good price.

Peg-Perego 2011 Tatamia High Chair, Cacao

The price tag may be on the large side – but this high chair is a true multi-purpose product! Ideal from birth all the way through to age 3, the Tatamia high chair converts to a comfy recliner for newborns, a soothing swing to keep baby content when you need your hands free and a youth chair to accommodate your little one as he grows. It folds down nice and compact (so it’s suitable for small spaces) and is very secure, with a 5 point safety strap. It’s also VERY adjustable, with nine different height positions and 4 different recline positions. No need to buy extra baby gear when you get all this rolled into one!

Inglesina Zuma Highchair, Graphite

It’s sleek, it’s modern… it’s practical, too! The ZUMA is fully adjustable and designed to be easy to move from room to room. The double seat pads are nice and comfy, yet simple to remove for washing. This is a high quality, robust chair and extremely sturdy.

Mutsy Easygrow Next High Chair, Navy

This innovative chair has LOADS of cool features! It adjusts in lots of ways to be as useful as possible for as long as possible. The seat AND the footrest can move as your child grows (you can remove the footrest altogether if you wish) and it features a flexible seat reducer. It’s designed to be easy to put your child in and out and looks super trendy, to blend right in with your modern decor!

High Chairs Available In The UK Only

Chicco Polly Highchair (Chakra/Blue)

Don’t you love the bright and cheery colours on this high chair? And it’s not just a pretty seat for your baby – it has some really useful extras including a food tray that clips on to the main tray (making washing up much easier!) and a convenient ‘parent tray’ fitted to the high chair leg. There’s also an adjustable footrest and a net storage basket. Once your child becomes too big for the chair, then just remove the outer ‘jacket’ and he instantly gets more room – increasing the life and value of this high chair!

Bumbo Baby Sitter (Blue)

From the time your baby can support his head, the innovative Bumbo will help him sit upright and take part in all that’s going on around him! It works by using your baby’s own body weight to support him and is made of a soft, non-toxic material that’s easy to clean. Many parents find these really useful all around the house – not just at feeding times – because they keep baby occupied when he might otherwise be frustrated by his inability to see what’s going on! The Bumbo is available in lots of colours.

Chicco Happy Snack Highchair (Seventy)

One of the most popular high chairs on the market, the Happy Snack is incredibly good value for money. It has many of the features that you’d look for in a more expensive model, such as a reclining seat and adjustable tray – and it also includes a large net basket underneath, which is great for stowing mealtime toys and accessories. Another nice feature is that these high chairs are free-standing once they’re folded up!

Red Kite Feed Me Ultimo Hi-Lo Highchair

Feed baby in style with this super cool highchair! It has a handy basket for highchair toys or wipes, a comfy easy-to-clean padded seat, five height adjustments and a removable tray. We LOVE the modern design!

Cosatto On the Move Highchair

If you’re a bit short on space, then here’s the high chair for you! It’s extremely light and has a VERY compact fold – it actually folds over on itself, so it takes up half the space of a regular high chair! What’s more, its portability makes it good for use at home OR for travelling.UK

Cosatto Aurora Highchair Zuton

Only available online, this classic high chair is easy to fold and has all the features you need, including a padded and removable seat, adjustable height, removable tray… AND it reclines. We love the fact that this high chair comes with a four year guarantee – so you can be sure it will see your little one all the way through to when he’s sitting up with you at the family table!

Brother Max Scoop Highchair

The Rolls Royce of the high chair world! This luxurious and high quality model comes with HEAPS of fantastic features…* Suitable from birth to school age* Pneumatic-assist, easy-lift height adjustment* A unique shape that cocoons your baby in comfort* A sleek and modern design to complement your home* Made with food contact grade plastic, chrome and stainless steel* Multiple-position reclining seat* Enclosed castor wheels in base so the high chair will ‘lift and glide’UK

East Coast Natural All Wood Multi-Height Highchair

Isn’t it great when the gear you buy for your baby goes on being useful for years to come? This highchair can be used until your child is TEN YEARS old, because it converts from an adjustable baby chair to a useful junior chair. Another big plus is that it’s made from sustainable wood, keeping baby’s carbon footprint as tiny as possible.UK

BabyDan Danchair Wooden Highchair (White Wash)

Another contemporary high chair that grows with your child, the BabyDan is designed so that your little one always sits at the right height at the table with his feet properly supported. It’s stable, comfortable and very secure, with a strong harness.UK

Little Helper FunPod Toddler Kitchen Safety Stand (Maple)

This is a super idea, encouraging lots of interaction with your little one as he grows. That’s because it’s not ONLY a highchair – it’s also a safe platform for your child to stand at the kitchen counter with you, ‘helping’ prepare dinner or simply watching! Your child is fully enclosed by the pod so it’s perfectly secure – unlike standing your toddler on a chair at the counter when he wants to be at your level. We think this is a wonderful alternative use and gives lots of extra value for your money!UK

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