Baby Congestion – Foods That May Help Relieve A Congested Baby

Baby Congestion

Foods That May Help and Foods to Avoid

Baby congestion is uncomfortable
for your little one and can make life miserable for you both. Learn which foods may help relieve baby’s congestion and those you should avoid.

There are few things quite as pitiful as watching your baby struggle with congestion. It’s horrible to see him snuffling away as he
tries to eat and drink – and it can make him very miserable. It can also lead to interrupted sleep for the both of you – making an unhappy
situation even worse!

Fortunately, you may be able to help your little one to a certain extent by reviewing his diet. There are certain foods that are believed
to be mucus-forming and may aggravate congestion – whilst other foods may help relieve it.

If your little one has started solids, try cutting back on those foods identified as ‘problem’ foods in terms of congestion –
and increasing those that are believed to help!

Please note: The following food lists are given as a guide only and should not be treated as medical advice. The foods listed are those which we and other parents have noted may cause a worsening of congestion in our little ones.

If congestion is causing severe breathing or feeding problems for your baby, then it is VERY important that you speak to your doctor.

On most occasions, baby congestion is caused by a cold or even hay fever. But long term congestion with no sign of a cold or
infection may indicate a food allergy, so you should discuss this possibility with your child’s doctor (source: Allergist – Children’s Allergies).

Relieve baby congestion – foods to avoid

  • Dairy products (like yogurt, milk, butter, cream, cheese).
    Do not, however, cut back on the amount of milk you give your baby if he is under 12 months of age, as this should be his primary source of
    nutrition. Instead, speak to your doctor about the possibility of switching formula to see if there is any improvement.
  • Refined carbohydrates (like white bread, white rice, white pasta).
  • Fried foods.
  • Some people find that cutting back on meat can help reduce the severity of congestion.
  • Refined sugar.
  • Eggs – although not a common culprit, eggs may sometimes trigger congestion.


Baby congestion - foods that help and those to avoid


Relieve baby congestion – helpful foods


Also, be sure to continue giving your baby homemade baby food – artificial preservatives, colours and flavours are also
believed to contribute to congestion.


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