Baby Food Diary – A Free, Printable Record Of All New Foods You Introduce to Baby

Baby Food Diary –
A Printable Chart To Keep a Record Of Baby’s First Foods

This printable baby food diary allows you to record all the food and drinks your baby consumes in a week and note any reactions or digestive issues.


Printable baby food diaryClick anywhere on the chart below to open a PDF document, which you can then print out.


Baby Food Diary


How to use our baby food diary

Our baby food diary is wonderfully simple to use, but provides you with an accurate record of everything your baby has had to eat or drink each day and whether or not these foods caused any type of reaction or digestive issue that you may want to note for the future.

Not only is this information invaluable in helping you avoid those foods that may not agree with your baby, it can also help you keep tabs on the amount your baby is consuming. This can be useful if your little one experiences any issues with weight gain, as you’ll have to hand the answers to any questions your doctor may ask you about your little one’s nutrition.

Simply record any foods or drinks consumed each day in the boxes provided (for example, for Monday you could record 6 nursing sessions, 1 tablespoon pureed sweet potato for lunch and 1 tbsp pureed apple at dinnertime!).

You can then note any observations you make about each food. For example…

  • did any foods cause constipation/diarrhea?
  • did your baby show any signs of an allergic reaction?
  • did your baby experience diaper rash?
  • did the food seem to worsen baby’s eczema?
  • did the food cause a reflux flare up?
  • was baby gassy?
  • was baby’s sleep pattern affected?



…new foods should be introduced to your baby separately, as per the four day rule. This helps make it easier to identify any ‘problem’ foods that you may need to avoid!

Dealing with any problems that DO arise as you introduce new foods

Of course, it’s always important to discuss any concerns about introducing new foods with your child’s doctor.

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