Baby Nutrition – Achieving The Right Balance

Baby Nutrition Table – The Foods Your Baby Needs

This simple table shows the elements required for balanced baby nutrition and lists the foods you need to include in your little one’s diet.

This table is a useful guide after your baby reaches about 10 months of age – by this time he will have been introduced to the various food groups mentioned and he will rely more completely on solid foods for his dietary needs.

Please do remember that this information is merely a guide to the basic elements for good nutrition and that it is always important to discuss your little one’s specific needs with your doctor.

What He NeedsBenefitsGood Sources For Baby
VitaminsHelp the body to absorb food and use it effectively. Also help the immune system.Fresh fruits and vegetables
MineralsNeeded to ensure that the vital organs function properly. Also regulate the body’s water balance.Breastmilk/formula, eggs, cereals, meat and green, leafy vegetables
ProteinsHelp the body to grow and to repair itself.Poultry, meat, grains, dairy products, eggs and legumes
CarbohydratesProvide the energy needed to maintain bodily functionsBreastmilk/formula, whole grains, pasta, potatoes, beans, legumes, dairy products and fruit
FatsStore energy for the bodyBreastmilk/formula, vegetable oils

Good baby nutrition is essential for healthy growth and development, but these recommendations apply equally to the rest of the family – particularly when your baby begins to enjoy the family meals. So use some of the food sources listed here to create some healthy meals for you all to enjoy.