Baby Sign Language Books

Recommended Baby Sign Language Books

These baby sign language books show you how to effectively sign with your child, opening a new
avenue of communication between you.

Visit our main signing with baby page to discover how using baby sign language can benefit you and your child – and how children who sign go on to have excellent language skills in later life.

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Baby Fingers: I Want . . .: Teaching Your Baby to Sign

This inexpensive book uses lots of photographs of babies and children demonstrating the signs for everyday objects.
The photos make it very engaging for your little one – a great book to get started with!


The Baby Signing Book: Includes 350 ASL Signs for Babies and Toddlers

This is a well organized book using real American Sign Language. The dictionary contains over 300 signs and just about any word you’d possibly want to sign with your baby is included. An excellent resource!

Baby Sing and Sign r: Communicate Early with Your Baby: Learning Signs the Fun Way Through Music and Play

This system works on the principle that babies learn language skills best by repetition and the use of music – so it
includes a CD with 13 baby-friendly songs, 100 black and white photos showing how to sign, plus signing games and
activities. Based on ASL, this is an excellent introduction to sign language for babies and big kids, too!

Teach Your Baby to Sign: An Illustrated Guide to Simple Sign Language for Babies

A little more expensive than some of the more basic photographic guides, this one uses photos and drawings to
demonstrate 200 signs. What we like about it is that it suggests which signs to use at different stages, helping baby learn to sign at an appropriate pace.

Baby Talk: A Guide to Using Basic Sign Language to Communicate with Your Baby

Monica Beyer, the author of this book, shares some of her experiences of signing with her three children in this easy-to-follow guide to using sign language. The book includes basic signs – divided into categories – and whilst the number of signs included in the book isn’t huge, the ‘how-to’s’ of using signs are very well explained and there is advice on where to find more signs to use with your little one.

Baby Sign Language Books – Available In The UK

My First Signs: BSL (Baby Signing)

This board book is ideal for getting started with baby sign language and includes wonderful, clear illustrations for over 40 signs.UK ONLY

Baby Sign Language Basics: Early Communication For Hearing Babies And Toddlers (Hay House Lifestyles)

This book contains sixty useful signs, but one thing to bear in mind is that it uses ASL (American Sign Language) rather than British Sign Language, an important distinction if you are planning for your child to communicate with deaf BSL users.

Sign with Your Baby: How to Communicate with Infants Before They Can Speak

This book contains approximately 150 signs and also looks at the history of sign language. However – as noted with the book above – the signs are based on ASL rather than BSL.

Let’s Sign Early Years: BSL Child and Carer Guide (Bsl Child & Carer Guide)

As the title reveals, this book DOES use BSL and was described as “…an easy to use collection of everyday signs based on British Sign Language” by the Under Five Magazine of the Pre-school Learning Alliance in April 2005. The book was compiled by professionals – one hearing and one deaf.

Sign with Your Baby: Teach Yourself

This BSL based book provides a comprehensive guide to signing with your baby. It covers topics such as the history of sign language, learning with bilingual and special needs children and addresses more school-age topics such as phonics and the alphabet.