My Baby’s First Foods

My Baby’s First Foods

(Mia Quinlan)

My daughter’s pediatrician recommended solids, after he rolled her on to her tummy and she held her head up, she was four months old. We wanted to wait until she was six months just to be safe, though.

Lan though had other ideas. She wanted to eat our food at five months, so we started her on the rice cereal, as the pediatrician recommended.

It was a BAD idea.

She ate it, yes. Enjoyed it, yes. It did not however agree with her tummy. She had to work hard to have a bowel movement, and when she did it was dry and hard.

So we took her off the cereal, and got her on banana. She loves it. Since then, she’s had banana, peas and avocado. She likes the avocado the most because it sticks to her fingers. She paints more than she eats.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend the store bought rice cereal, with the money that’s spent on the cereal you can buy two weeks worth or more of homemade food. One avocado makes five servings. One cauliflower makes fifteen servings. That’s two dollars and tons of meals.

NOTE FROM EDITOR: Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Mia. And you are so right about the cost effectiveness about homemade baby food – when you actually sit down and look at the savings it seems amazing that the baby food companies are able to charge as much as they do for their products!

Hope Lan continues to enjoy her wonderful, natural diet 🙂

My baby's first foods

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