Rice cereal at 6 weeks

Rice cereal at 6 weeks

by Grandmother

I had five children all of whom are grown. I breast fed all of them back when few women did. I gave them rice cereal at 6 weeks and they slept through the night from then on. They had no digestive problems and gained weight and were very healthy. I hear about mothers who did not give their children solid food until they were much older being up every night for months with hungry children. Soon after they started on rice cereal I gave them other canned baby food. I know that what I did is now considered very bad but it seems to me that I had less trouble with the five of them than most mothers nowadays have with one.

Rice cereal at 6 weeks

Comments for Rice cereal at 6 weeks

lots has changed
by: Allison

The way food is processed is a lot different now. Even the fertilizers can cause problems nowadays. It’s too bad things aren’t as simple as they used to be. Rice upset both my daughters at 4 months. My little boy will not have rice and might have oatmeal at 6 months.

Thanks for sharing
by: Christine (Editor)

Thank you for giving your perspective 🙂 There are many other grandparents who probably identify with your experience completely, but we do also hear from parents who find the opposite – that introducing solids too early has caused all sorts of digestive upsets leading to less sleep.

So – like most aspects of baby care – when deciding whether or not to introduce solids it’s always good to remember that what’s right for one little one may not be right for another.

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